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How do I best get an appointment?

There are two ways:

1. Filling out the form completely and accurately. I read these forms quickly and offer a time and date based off of this.
2. Choosing one of my wanna-dos or pick of the board appointments (flash)
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What work are you wanting to focus on?

My "wanna-dos"!

- Fruit and veg
- Flora and fauna
- Neotrad styles
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Anything you're not taking this round?

I have friends who do the following much better than I can offer! If you request these, I'll refer you onto others for:

- Geometric
- Pet portraits
- Colour
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Can I make a preferance on day or month of booking?

Yes, however I cannot guarantee your preferences. I work Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and have limited Saturdays available.

I have spaces between 11.30 am and 6.00 pm. I do not work evenings/after hours, as I have to draw for my next day's clients.

Later months in the year have more Saturdays available, and you can write this in the notes section of the form!
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Can I reserve multiple spaces?

I am trying to book more people in, so there are less people who miss out.

Send through a few ideas if you have more than one - however, you may only be offered one space for one idea (larger works needing more than one session are not included in this).
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Will everyone get a space?

Hopefully! I'm opening for the rest of the year, so have more slots available.

However, I won't be taking on work that is too far away from my style, or work I think should go to another artist. 
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Do you take cover ups?

Very rarely will I take on a cover up that has not gone through laser treatments. For best results with my style of tattooing, laser is crucial to lighten your existing tattoo to have more options with the outcome.

I recommend Swift Tattoo Removal, and can discuss if this is the right path for you.
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Do you have a cancellation list?

Unfortunately, no. I post about cancellations on my Instagram Stories, so I recommend keeping an eye out there! 
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Do you charge per piece or per hour?

I charge per piece, with a minimum set-up cost of $200. 

The per-piece price is determined by size, detail and placement. I do however work best with a budget in mind, and you will go through this on the enquiry form.

I only charge per hour on larger, continuous work that needs more than five hours to complete.
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Do you repeat designs?

Only bees and bugs, ghosts and flash that has confirmation. I draw everything custom for you (I don't take a drawing fee), or has been drawn custom from my wanna-do board.

I want you to have your own unique design, which I get to constantly evolve as an artist!
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How do I pay for a booking/tattoo?

Once I go through all the enquiries and allocate you a space, I'll send through your booking info. 

You will have to pay a non-refundable booking fee within 48 hours - have this ready when submitting a form. 

You tattoo budget will be discussed prior and there will be ATMs close by to get out money should you need. 

We do not have EFTPOS at the studio and are cash only

Your booking fee will be deducted from your completed tattoo appointment
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How do I look after my new tattoo?

Keep it clean, and follow my aftercare instructions! I will be providing you with an in-depth aftercare email/sheet.

I recommend using the products I will have for you, and currently am recommending Fixomull. At the studio we do stock aftercare that you can purchase.

Should something not go to plan, DM/email me first! I will not freak you out like Google, and help you better than your friends. 
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Can I bring someone if I'm nervous?

You may bring someone with you to the initial consent form part of the appointment should you need, however we are unable to accommodate extras and plus ones while you get tattooed.

We are a small studio with a small waiting area. We have 7 artists who work with their clients and it can be very distracting having more people than those getting tattooed. Plus, your tattoo will usually take a while and this can be very boring for them!
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Where is the studio located?

I am located at Tutti Frutti Tattoo in South Yarra. We are a private studio and only send the address with a confirmation of appointment.

I send you appointment information before your appointment, usually will send a group email for everyone in that month or each week!
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Is there parking?

Yes! There's free parking on the street, one side is 2-hour. There is also all-day parking for around $10. You'll also find trains and trams close by.

We are on the second floor with no elevator, so if you have any issues with this please advise at time of booking. This will allow me to organise an appointment at another tattoo studio.
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Do you do gift cards?

Please contact Tutti Frutti for all gift card enquiries! These are valid for anyone at the studio.
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Can I bring headphones?

Yes! It is highly encouraged to bring your headphones to your appointment. We will be able to chat through your consent discussions, and stencilling questions etc, however I have found I work best with a headphone in. I have ADHD and this helps me perform at my best without getting overwhelmed.

I also have stim toys and sensory things if you need, and you are encouraged to bring anything that makes you more comfortable for your appointment.
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What should I wear/bring?

Wear comfortable clothes that you don't care if you get ink on them, that provide me with comfortable access to the area we are tattooing.

Feel free to bring with you any comfort items, headphones, your ID, your cash payment, charger for longer sessions and snacks. We have complimentary vegan snacks and drinks at the studio.
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What are the limitations to getting tattooed?

You must be 18+, with consent provided. You cannot get tattooed while pregnant and I do not tattoo people who are current breastfeeding.

You must also be in good health (no infections or illnesses that could affect healing). Please reschedule if you are sick or on antibiotics.

You must be in a position to heal your tattoo properly - no swimming holidays or sport game commitments the next day! They take 1-2 weeks to heal.
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What do I need to do if I need to reschedule?

Email me ASAP. I can fill spaces easier with more notice, and find you a space quicker. If I don't have a space, I'll be popping you on my rescheduling list and waiting for a space to open up.

Please reschedule if you're unwell - I'm immunocompromised.

It is much easier for me to find one space for you, than up to two weeks of spaces for people I may have to postpone should I get sick.

No shows, late rescheduling notices and flat out cancellations will result in your booking fee being forefeited.
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Do you have experience tattooing over scars or different skin tones?

Yes! I have examples on my Instagram - I can also show you examples and organise a consult for any concerns.

I am very confident in tattooing a range of skin types, ages, genders, scarring, and skin tones.

Scarring is something we will need to discuss (the age of the scars, etc.) but these enquiries are so welcome.
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