This page is a test of the booking system. Submissions received by this form will not be directed to the booking email and will not be replied to. Keep an eye on the main pages and Instagram to find out when books open!

Booking Request Form - Aus & NZ Events 2023

Thanks for your interest in getting a tattoo from me! This booking request form is for event flash appointments in Australia and New Zealand in 2023.

I will be tattooing at:

  • Love Craft Atelier in Pápámoa, NZ on 21st & 22nd November
  • New Plymouth Tattoo and Arts Festival in New Plymouth, NZ on 25th & 26th November
  • Australian Tattoo Expo in Melbourne on 1st - 3rd December (arm and leg placements only)

I will be taking flash and bee tattoo appointments.

If you selected "Flash" above, you must complete the "Flash Appointments" section below. If you selected "Bee tattoo", you can skip to the "All Appointments (required)" section.

All booking requests must complete the "All Appointments (required)" section.

Flash Appointments

If you have selected a flash appointment, please select a piece from the images below.


You can click on the images to examine the pieces more closely. Prices range from AUD$250 - $1000 inclusive of shading.

New Zealand 2023 Flash Options: F. Street pea; G. Pin cushion, H. Dogwood and glass wing butterfly, I. Hi Hi "Stitchbird" with native flax, J. Blueberries, K. Wild roses, L. Dragonfruit. All pieces come with Blackwork stipple shading as per my style shown on my Instagram. Limbs preferred, each piece only tattooed once

Please note some options may be disabled during the booking period as they are reserved.
No Choosen File
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All Appointments (required)

Please note that a cm value is required to be able to assess your idea and find you an appropriate appointment. Please check with a ruler as this will determine any quotes and timeslots. Failure to send accurate measurements could mean your allocated timeslot may not fit your idea.

Expo bookings are for arm and leg placement only
No Choosen File

Please indicate your budget or max budget. I work best with a budget in mind as I charge per piece based on the information you have provided and I do not charge per hour.

Please note these are preferences only and I may or may not be able to accommodate. Wednesdays are usually quietest in the studio, though another artist may be present. You are always welcome to bring headphones or anything else to make you more comfortable.


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